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USB Encryption Key


Protect your important files with a password, before taking your PC in for repairs, sending files by email or taking files to your tax accountant.

  • Protect your files with passwords
  • Software sold on USB Key
  • Use multiple copies on one PC

Anti-Virus Software

Protect your PC from Viruses.


An infected computer can be bad for your data privacy and the overall operation of your PC. Webroot Anti-Virus software can protect your PC from Viruses and other online threats.

  • Usually Works on multiple devices
  • Light Software and scans from the cloud.
  • Constantly runs in the background

PC USB Backup Drive


Quickly Backup for your files of the same type to a USB or external hard drive

  • Never loose an important file again
  • Quick and easy backup
  • Backup multiple files with one selection

Password Manager


This is a simple software to keep your passwords safe on your computer or an encrypted USB drive.

  • Safe password storage
  • Strong Password Security
  • Stores additional information

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